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Selamat Datang Dari Bali, (Welcome in Bali)

Essence of Bali DMC, is a high qualified professional with a wide range of tourism experience in Bali and in the rest of Indonesia, specialized in Incentives, meetings ,Conferences & events (MICE).

Essence of Bali DMC is the best choice for clients who demand outstanding service, excellent quality with unique creativity programmes to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our extensive knowledge of Bali and other regions in Indonesia allows us to offer journeys that combine the most beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultural experiences and exciting sport adventures. Essence of Bali is a thoroughly modern company representing the future of travel in Bali.

Once you have experienced our combination of Western business know-how and Balinese/Indonesian understanding of the land and its people, we are confident you will agree that we are the best Dmc choice in Bali!


As you whant to work with reliable people who love what they do.


Om Santi Santi Santi Om, (Balinese Hindu: Go in Peace)

The Essence of Bali Dmc Team



Our experienced staff in the field of MICE have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of the destination, lodgings, activities and many other services.

This invaluable source of quality information and experience will make the difference in tailoring your request, and is not something you will find elsewhere!


To devise a trip that meets with all your expectations, our professional staff will listen carefully to your request at every stage of the planning process. They offer advice and guidance to help you choose the products that will make the trip into an unforgettable experience


Whatever your request, however complicated or demanding, our discrete and efficient staff ae always on hand t ensure that by the end of your trip, the only question still on your lips is "how soon can I come back?".


Unique Destination Experiences, we get you behind the scenes and into places no other visitor goes. Creativity and originality is our aim for all our clients.


We have branch offices in : Jakarta, Bandung , Jogjakarta, Sulawesi.

Beyond Bali


The name Indonesia is a combination of two Greek words -"Indos" (Indian) and "Nesos" (islands). 

The country consists of more than 17.000 islands - only some 6000 are inhabited and the archipelago stretches over 5000 km between the Asian and Australian continental mainland.

With 250 million inhabitants Indonesia is the 5th largest country of the world. Most of the population are Muslim but there is also a significant Christian and Hindu minority. Racially the majority of Indonesians are Malayu - Polynesian with Chinese and Papuan minorities. The capital, and largest city, is Jakarta in West Java. 

The most famous  islands in Indonesia are: Sumatra, Java, Lombok, Borneo, Flores, Sulawesi, Mollucas and Irian Jaya (Papua) 

Every Indonesian island is different and almost unique from each other. Almost every island has breathtaking mountains, magnificent rice fields, giant (active) volcanoes, tropical rainforest and bounty islands with pearl white beaches. 

We can find the beautiful wild Orang-utans, Asian Elephant on Sumatra and Kalimantan, Panthers, Rhino's and Tigers on Java and Sumatra.  But also the extreme large Komodo dragon on the islands of Nusa Tenggara and worlds largest Reticulated pythons in Central Sulawesi. Animals like Kangaroo's and Sea crocodiles from Papua ... you name it .

Essence of Indonesia and Bali Dmc can propose you in combination with Bali the most beautiful programmes that you can imagine:


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Ayana Resort & Spa / Ex Ritz-Carlton, Resort & Spa 5 star

Traverse a range of dramatic bluffs overlooking the timeless depths of the Indian Ocean. There, you’ll discover Ayana Bali Resort & Spa.

This breathtaking vantage point calls, inviting you to immerse yourself in the various wonders that lay before you. Embracing the mystique of Bali, with its bewitching natural beauty, and the inherent grace and hospitality of its people, Ayana Resort & Spa features; private, secluded beach location, 368 guest rooms, including 38 new cliff villas with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, 12 restaurants and lounges, State-of-the-art business center.

Located in Jimbaran - Southwest Bali. Known as one of the major fishing villages, Jimbaran is a perfect vantagepoint to view their unique daily life. The hotel is about 15 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Spa on the Rocks

A never seen before spa destination in Bali has opened at The Ayana Resort & Spa with the luxurious Spa on the Rocks, an extraordinary facility anchored offshore by natural rocks in the midst of the shimmering Indian Ocean. Located below the resorts towering cliff face the incredible positioning of the villas perched on natural rocks stretching out to the Indian Ocean is as unique as it is indulgent for its lavish treatment and exclusive use of the world’s fine spa product, Crème de La Mer.

Meeting & Conventions

Bali's window on paradise beckons even the most experienced conference and incentive meeting attendees. The Ayana Hotel Ballroom offers 595m2 of meeting space, seating 540 people for dinner and includes intimate boardrooms and a ballroom that can accommodate 700. Three other meeting rooms range in size to accommodate groups of 10 to 100 people. Separate outdoor function space is available for gathering under the stars.

For more informations :

Creative & Original Incentives

When you want to build stronger relationships with a business partner, make a client feel truly special, offer an unforgettable reward to a top achiever, or give your employees the royal treatment…

What better than to bring them to unparalleled lands of the Gods, of mysticism and majesty, of history, geography and culture. Indonesia (especially Bali) brought alive with magic and splendour through the special incentive programs of Essence Of Bali.

Programs born out of creativity and experience at Essence of Bali Dmc, and an intuitive understanding of how to make every aspect of the tour out of the ordinary.

Imagine a program that takes your client with Old VW Cars  up to a  remote rice field of Bali to do some rice planting, or visit an  ancient and well known and protected temple on an elephant, swaying to the sound of beating drums. Having lunch in gardens overlooking a majestic  temple which is  accompanied by the sweet music of a Gamelan.

Where thousands of oil lanterns light up your  event at night in a local Balinese village. Where the secrets of the spa and Balinese massage  reveal the beauty of Bali. A program which finally reveals what it means to be on top of the world on a flight over the Mount Batur.

And that’s only the beginning of all that Essence of Bali Dmc has to offer in terms of incentive programs. Other exclusives include special royal welcomes for your clients, the choicest travel arrangements, luxurious accommodation, gala theme evenings, entertaining cultural shows and natural-inspiring excursions.

Combine this with the way in which Essence of Bali excels in working closely with planners, ensuring minutely detailed proposals, full brochure support on hotels and sites, swift response time, and meticulous planning of everything from pre-departure teasers to detailed menus, and you know why we have gladdened the hearts and minds of planners and clients alike from all over the globe.

Essence of Bali : Welcome

Selamat Datang (welcome). And that’s how Essence of Bali treats every guest, starting with a special welcome on their first arrival that brings to life this mystical and magical Island. A welcome that follows them to every place they go and at every hotel they check-in to.

Specially prepared information kits and unique welcome pillow gifts are just a few other ways to get their journey off to a special start.

Essence of Bali : Accommodation

In every Essence of Bali incentive program, accommodation is planned to be the best that your money can buy. So your client could be staying at an old palace or in a magnificent luxury resort, considered to be among the finest in the world. Welcomed in traditional splendour, accompanied by banners, kits and exclusively designed gifts, your client will arrive to find all hotel formalities completed, and a special desk at their service for you only .

Essence of Bali : Transport

At Essence Of Bali, we use only the finest luxury air-conditioned cars and coaches throughout our tours. Name the vehicle you want your client to ride, and it will be ready at the doorstep like : Harleys, Jeeps, Old Volkwagens or simply a nice transfer in a local scooter. You name it.

Essence of Bali : Escorts managers

All our incentive programs include the services of an experienced multi-lingual incentive tour manager from arrival till departure. An escort who knows much more than just the destination, its history and significance. A professional armed with all the experience needed to understand what the client needs and how to ensure it.

Essence of Bali : Memories

Essence of Bali, goes to great lengths to ensure that your client’s trip is memorable in more ways than one. From gifting commemorative pictures of guests, to planning special interest tours such as a  cocktail drink on a private and exclusive cliff overlooking the ocean or a unique Royal dinner with the king of Bali or even organising handicraft demonstrations or local village interaction visits. everything is based on good memories that we will give you.

Events and Themes :

At Essence of Bali, we rejoice in giving your guests a true taste of the exotic places they are visiting. We greet them with welcome ceremonies they cannot experience anywhere else in the world. We treat them to lunches and dinners, rich in mouth-watering culinary delicacies served in unparalleled settings.

From royal themes to modern day fantasies, every location is set in a unique theme adding a special flavour to the event with great ideas for any request.

Essence of Bali : Think green ( responsable tourism)

We strongly believe that local people and the nature must be preserved at all times and therefore we work together with the local community to ensure that the local people will benefit from it.
Local schools are helped, local nature preservation projects are ensured of our assistance  during our incentives so that the future generation will be able to have a green Bali with responsable Incentives .

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( Details create Excellence)


General Informations : Currency and banking

The local currency is the Indonesian rupiah ('Rp' or 'IDR'). There are Rp100, Rp500, and Rp1,000 coins and Rp1,000, Rp5,000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000, and Rp100,000 paper notes.
Compare the exchange rates on offer before changing money at money changers or banks.  Although banks may offer an added measure of professionalism and security, it's not uncommon for money changers to offer better rates.

Conferences & Meetings

When it comes to conference management, there is no magic formula. Every event is unique and so is our approach. We are able to support your organization in a number of different ways. Among our many services, included are:

          What a better place than to have your meeting or conference than in 

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Request for proposal

Our personalised services

We handle : Meetings,  Incentives, Conferences,  Events,  Group tours ,  Individual clients, Weddings , Private villa rentals and more .  

Some of our Creative, Innovative and Coordination services include:

Is part of Essence of Indonesia Dmc and we have  branch offices throughout indonesia :Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Sulawesi.


We also have full owned offices in Sri lanka & Madagascar  

Bali Rafting

SOBEK - BALI REAL ADVENTURE ...... "Enjoy the best of Bali with a whitewater rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River – an unforgettable journey through lush jungle scenery and deep river gorges led by Indonesia’s top rafting professionals."


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